Wedding Remembrance Ideas

Pine cone on dinner tablePlanning for a wedding is a great time to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your loved ones to share memories and pay tribute to family members who are no longer with you. Honoring a loved one at a wedding starts with having the Talk of a Lifetime. You may gain the greatest insight about wedding remembrance ideas from an important talk with family and loved ones. Let your wedding day be special for new beginnings and cherishing fond memories and traditions of loved ones who have gone before you. We have a few ideas of how to honor and memorialize a loved one in a special way without bringing the tone down for your special day.

Ideas to Consider

Wedding remembrance ideas are meant to add another positive light to your wedding day. Consider these DIY ideas for the big day:
  • Save a seat for loved ones by placing flowers on them. You can add more personal touches by using their favorite accessory, instrument, or clothing.
  • Release a balloon at the end of the ceremony for your loved one or release butterflies; ask attendants for a moment of silence.
  • Did your loved one have a favorite food or drink like chocolate or or wine? Set up a “bar” with wines, cheese, chocolates, etc. You can also frame a picture of your loved one and leave a note mentioning their recommendations for the bar.
  • Before the start of the reception, have a toast. Mention a few short and sweet words.
  • Have a photo wall at the reception or ceremony with frames of your loved one. If they have wedding photos, then that is a great touch to commemorate the day.
  • Is there a special recipe that started with your loved one? Recreate it and have your guests try it. You can write a message about the recipe’s story (if there is one) to create a heartfelt touch.

Start with Have Talk of a Lifetime

We highly recommend Have the Talk of a Lifetime for families. Starting with the Talk of a Lifetime when creating wedding remembrance ideas can help you make a meaningful plan. If you need more information about Have the Talk of a Lifetime, contact us today.

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