Three Ideas for Memorialization on Any Budget


A funeral or memorial service does not have to be too expensive for your budget in order to be beautiful and meaningful. When a beloved friend or family member passes away, there are many ways to honor that person’s memory that are cost efficient. Memorialization on a budget is not only possible, but is important for healing for those who take part in the creative memorialization effort. A truly meaningful memorial service begins with a conversation with your loved ones while they are still with you. It’s important to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with all those you hold dear, in order to learn about what matters most in their lives, and how they want to be remembered. These discussions will make planning a funeral or memorial a much more fulfilling process. After you’ve had the Talk, a funeral professional is your best resource for planning and creating a service that is not only beautiful and meaningful but that also fits your budget.

Inexpensive but Meaningful Memorial Ideas

The following are some creative and meaningful ways that families and friends can work with their local funeral professionals to remember a loved one without spending a great deal of money:

  • Memorial wreath: Using an inexpensive foam wreath purchased from a craft store, create a memorial wreath by attaching photos and mementos of the deceased. Other friends and family members can also contribute favorite photos to the project. You can prominently display the completed wreath at the deceased’s memorial service, and then it can be taken home as a memento by family members.

  • Butterfly release: Children and adults will both appreciate this special memorial activity. Friends and family release butterflies at a special gathering to honor your deceased loved one. For many, butterflies are a symbol of hope and uplifting spirit.

  • Memory sharing: During the funeral or memorial service, leave out paper and pens and a large jar, with a sign encouraging attendees to write down their favorite memories of the deceased and then drop them in the container. As part of the service, or afterward with family members, read the memories aloud.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime with Your Loved Ones

Do you know how your loved ones wish to be memorialized? Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your family members and friends and work with a funeral professional to develop a creative memorialization plan for any budget. Click here to learn more about Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

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