The Evolution of Memorializing Deceased Loved Ones

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From simple to very elaborate, individuals and their families have more options than ever for memorializing their loved ones at the end of life in a personal and meaningful way.

The Legacy of Memorialization

Since the dawn of time, human beings have been participating in rituals, services, and other activities to honor and remember loved ones who have died.

These traditions of memorialization vary from culture to culture and have evolved over time. Ancient Egyptians engaged in mummification to sanctify their dead and help departed souls reach the next life. Other ancient peoples created carvings and artwork in honor of the dead and engaged in a variety of burial rituals.

Today, people are remembered in numerous ways, from public memorials and candlelight vigils to tributes paid virtually via social media after they die.

The practice of hosting funerals has also evolved to include varied creative expressions of love and remembrance.

Creative Memorials

Some common practices that are finding their way increasingly into modern funeral proceedings allow mourners to use their creativity as they remember a loved one.

Often, families display photos and other memorabilia at funerals to pay tribute to the life of the departed, and others go further in putting together items like photo wreaths, video montages, and other memorialization creations.

Many families request that well-wishers donate to a favorite charity in lieu of flowers, while others write messages of love to their departed loved one and send them into the sky inside helium balloons or Chinese lanterns. Still others plant flowers and trees in honor of the deceased. Many other innovative practices of memorialization are becoming the norm when a loved one passes away.

Having ‘The Talk of a Lifetime’

The desire for simplicity with regards to your own final arrangements is very common. Recognizing your loved ones’ fundamental need to remember, honor and celebrate your life and achievements is the key to understanding why having the Talk of a Lifetime is extremely important.

Our loved ones need to understand about all of our lives and especially how we want to be remembered. Ultimately, their final tribute to us allows them to begin their grief journey. In a way, having the Talk of a Lifetime is the most unselfish gift we can give to those we love.

Memorialization fills a vital role for those mourning the loss of a loved one and encompasses all aspects of honoring a life that has been lived. Memorialization services, visitation, placement in a cemetery, creating a memorial marker or monument, and any other means of paying tribute to our loved ones are all considered to be part of the process of memorialization and are vitally important. By providing surviving family members and friends a caring, supportive environment in which to share thoughts and feelings about the death, memorials are the first step in the healing process.

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