Having the Talk of a Lifetime with Siblings

Siblings Day

National Siblings Day is on April 10, and there’s no better time to reach out to your brothers and sisters to catch up! Whether you communicate daily, or can’t remember the last real conversation with your siblings, anyone can use this annual holiday to reconnect with family members. While it’s always exciting to catch up on recent events, National Sibling Day can also be a great opportunity for more in-depth conversations. Find out a little bit more about this holiday, and then learn how to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your brothers and sisters!

National Siblings Day

It’s true, most everyone knows about Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, but many families don’t know about another holiday that comes around every spring: National Siblings Day!

National Siblings Day was created in 1995 by New York resident, Claudia Evart. Evart, who had lost both siblings in separate accidents, was inspired to create an event that honored these valued members of the family. In fact, the holiday itself honors the birthday of Evart’s late sister Lisette.

Getting in Touch

This year on April 10, take some time to reconnect with your brothers and sisters and Have the Talk of a Lifetime. In today’s modern times, it’s easier than ever to communicate. Video chat with your brother in another state and say hi to your niece in high definition. Invite your sister over for a movie night and talk about your favorite memories. You can even use the hashtag #NationalSiblingsDay to send a shout out to your siblings on social media!

Have the Talk of a Lifetime

National Siblings Day is a great time for a quick chat. We encourage you and your siblings to have a deeper conversation about your lives as well. What are your proudest accomplishments? What advice would you give the next generation? Consider learning about Have the Talk of a Lifetime to inspire even more rich conversations about your lives and what is important to each of you. This can be a great time to bond and learn more about your siblings. Visit the Have the Talk of a Lifetime website for more information.

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