Have the Talk of a Lifetime and Essential Life Lessons

Essential Life Lessons Don’t you wish you’d known then what you know now? Perspective comes with life experiences, and we usually wish we’d learned a lot more of life lessons when we were younger, especially the tough ones. When we Have the Talk of a Lifetime, that conversation when we share the really important things with someone we love, it’s amazing the things we’re able to realize with new clarity. The essential life lessons learned over the course of a lifetime are not just interesting, they’re also meaningful to our loved ones. Think about how valuable that information will be to them later, when all they have are memories.

Life’s Big Truths

Life’s big lessons aren’t really that complicated. Our life experiences help shape us into who we are. We all have a unique life story and many times these stories can share valuable perspective, especially when discussed through Have the Talk of a Lifetime. We discovered perspective from this list of truisms, and maybe you and your loved ones will, too:


  • Don’t let your age define you – It’s just a number, right? How many times have you met someone and been shocked when you learn how old they are?
  • Face fear – Fear and worry can actually paralyze us. It’s important to remember that fear is in our mind, and a lot of what we’re afraid of never actually happens or isn’t as bad as we pictured. What are you afraid of? Have you passed that fear on to your children? Did your parents pass it on to you?
  • Embrace failure – If you’re a certain age, you already know this is true: we hate the frustration and disappointment of failure, but that’s when we learn the most, and those lessons bring you that much closer to success. What failure in your life taught you the biggest lesson?
  • Be kind – Even the smallest acts of kindness can make a huge impact on someone else. What act of kindness made the biggest impression on you in your life?


  • Relationships first – Ultimately, our relationships with our family and friends are among the only things that matter. Make time to talk to them. Nurture and protect these relationships every single day. Who haven’t you talked to in a while?
  • Manage your anger – Anger is part of life, but we all need to learn how to deal with it in a healthy way. Figure out which strategies work best for you – communication, exercise, cooling off, keeping a journal – whatever it takes, commit to it. Share your thoughts with those closest to you. Happy memories are not the only memories you should share.
  • Grudges only hurt you – The negative energy of holding a grudge against someone doesn’t hurt that person, it only hurts you. Letting go and freeing yourself of a grudge is life-changing. Talking to your loved ones about these situations, and how you moved past them can be a wonderful teaching moment.

Things vs. Experiences

  • Move beyond the material world – We spend so much money accumulating stuff, and we don’t realize how unimportant it all is until we’re packing to move. The less you have, the more you can focus on the things that really matter. As you begin the process of letting go of some of the clutter, invite your loved ones to help you. Take the time to relive and share the memories associated with the items as you pack them up.
  • Experience life – Traveling and trying new things are incredibly satisfying, especially compared to material stuff. Seize every opportunity you can, and invite your family and friends to join you! Keep a journal as you go. It will help you share the memories when you get home.
  • Fun times – You should do something fun and laugh as much as you can, every day! Even when we have to be serious, a little comic relief goes a long way. Sharing your funniest memories is a great way to get the Talk of a Lifetime started. Who doesn’t like to hear hilarious memories from their loved ones?

Life is Happening With Every Moment

The here and now is life, but the past is important, too. If you don’t share it, it’s lost. Do yourself a favor – make Having the Talk of a Lifetime a priority. And take these life lessons to heart as you do, since every day counts! Contact us to learn more.

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