Why Does it Take a Tragic Event to Get People’s Attention?


We all take different “journeys” with many people in our lives. As a result, the way we respond can vary when we lose these people. We have contrasting feelings when we lose a 90-year loved one compared to a teenaged loved one. We can even experience strong emotions when dealing with the loss of a celebrity or of someone we don’t know, but who experienced a tragic death.

Most everyone can remember where they were and what they were doing when they learned of the 9-11 attack. I am sure the families who lost loved ones during this tragic event wished they had spent more time talking to them. Do you remember the death of Princess Diana? I didn’t know her personally, but I was touched by the stories that were told about her.

Why does it take a tragic event to get people’s attention? The reason I ask this question is because as funeral professionals, we deal with the loss of people’s most priceless possessions – their mothers and fathers who made them into the people they are today, and heaven forbid, someone’s child who forever changed lives once born.

When people experience a loss, they come to us, the funeral professionals, because they trust us. They trust that we will help them celebrate the lives of the people that made their world better. How can we truly celebrate their lives if we don’t allow them to tell their stories? Trying to learn these stories after the fact can leave us feeling a sense of stress, regret and remorse. We need to Have the Talk of a Lifetime, to ask our loved ones to share stories of experiences, people and major events that shaped them as people.

Having the Talk of a Lifetime today helps us continue the journey with our loved ones, through shared stories. Plus, we understand that healing is its own journey. Every conversation we have now, leads to a healthier healing journey later. Go, Have the Talk and allow the journey to be full of fantastic memories that live on even after we’re gone.

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