Why Sharing Your Story is Important

Writing In A Journal Day-to-day life seems to be moving more and more quickly these days. Between the onslaught of information we get from the Internet and the pace of communication with our family, friends, and colleagues, it’s easy to forget that we are writing a story with our individual lives. It’s important to occasionally slow down and make the time to Have the Talk of a Lifetime, and share the narrative of your life. You’ll be glad you did. There are photos, memories, and events that we’ll want to remember forever and share with our family. This kind of storytelling creates a thread that can be passed on to your family for generations to come.

How to Write Your Story

We often have the best intentions when it comes to keeping a journal. We get started when we take an exciting vacation or start a new school year, but then it falls by the wayside. Here’s how to create your story: Do What You’re Already Doing – Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and email, you’re already documenting important things like birthdays, vacations, and other special moments. Did you know Facebook lets you post things only you can see? This is an easy way to keep your story current. You can save important emails into folders or print them out and put them into binders. And with your photos, put them in folders by date, event, and with file names that let you locate them quickly when you’re ready to sit down with your loved ones to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Most importantly, be sure to back everything up to an external hard drive or the cloud. Want a physical documentation of your story? Download the Have the Talk of a Lifetime Workbook and journal your experiences! Memory by Memory – As time passes, it’s more difficult to write about when you were younger. Old diaries and newspaper clippings can help you think about meaningful memories to jot down. You can do this in email, or maybe you’d rather use a handwritten journal. You can even think about starting a blog that chronicles your memories! Don’t worry about making it look perfect or even keeping things in exact chronological order. The idea is to let the stories of your lifetime flow however they can so you can share them with your loved ones when you sit down to Have the Talk.

How to Tell Your Story

Your story is always being written. Now it’s time to share it by having the Talk of a Lifetime with someone you care about. Expressing your story is a beautiful way to let people know about things that have meant so much to you. Contact us today to learn more.

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