Rekindle Relationships on Send a Card to a Friend Day

  Life moves fast, and we can end up losing touch with people we were once close to. But we can also experience the magic that happens when you reconnect with a beloved friend and it feels as though no time has passed—even if it’s been decades since you last spoke. Reach out to cherished friends and loved ones this year on “Send a Card to a Friend Day.” This day falls on Feb. 7, and it’s the perfect opportunity to not only rekindle a friendship but to also recall special memories you made together and work toward having the Talk of a Lifetime with important people you’ve lost touch with over the years.

Send a Card

Sit down with your loved ones and talk about people who were important in your life. It can be surprising to think about those friends that you haven’t seen in years. These are the folks who might most appreciate receiving a note in the mail “Thinking of you.” “Miss you.” “Wish you were here.” There are many ways to tell a friend or loved one that you’re thinking of them. If you’re not the creative type, you can always find a preprinted greeting card that expresses what you want to say but can’t quite seem to put into words yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s a silly card, a sentimental card, or a religious card. This year, on “Send a Card to a Friend Day,” send something to those loved ones you’ve lost touch with over the years. You may find this simple gesture will open a rich part of your life you didn’t realize you’d been missing. Put your message in the mail or send an e-card. It doesn’t matter which avenue you choose—it’s all about the reconnection.

The Importance of Reconnecting

Whether the person you’ve lost touch with is a relative or a dear friend, re-cultivating that relationship can be very important. When you begin to share stories, you develop an even greater appreciation for that person. Someday, that person will pass away. Don’t find yourself feeling full of regret that you meant to reconnect but never did it. The simple act of sending a note and letting someone know you’re thinking of them can reopen the lines of communication, and the chance to relive those special memories together.

Paving the Way for the Talk of a Lifetime

As you and your friend reacquaint yourselves, you may find a golden opportunity to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Every person wants to feel they’ve made a difference in the world. When it’s time to memorialize someone who has passed on, you’ll be glad you had this important talk with the ones you love. Learn how to Have the Talk of a Lifetime today.

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