Your #1 New Year’s Resolution: Have the Talk of a Lifetime

New Years Resolution

Making a list of New Year’s resolutions may seem passé, but admit it, having a fresh outlook for the brand new year can be exciting. If you think of them as goals, resolutions can give you a feeling of promise for the future. This year, why don’t you think beyond the standard list like losing weight, quitting smoking, or staying off social media, and do something totally different?

A New Resolution

Resolve to make 2017 the year you get closer to your family and friends, and let them know about some of the things that have been important in your life. We’re talking about Have the Talk of a Lifetime, an organized and interactive way to share your stories and let those around you know what’s most important to you. Not only do these conversations create a special bond, but they give your loved ones a foundation for memorializing and celebrating your life after you’re gone. No detail is too small – names, photos, favorite songs – all of these things enrich your stories and give them impact. Think about how helpful that critical information will be during the grieving process, and think about the smiles those memories will bring.

Getting Started

Like most resolutions, the hardest part is often taking the plunge to get started. Know this: people like to listen, and they like to share their stories, too. Once you start opening up, you’re going to find that the conversation just flows. It doesn’t have to be formal or awkward. You can simply begin by saying that you’ve been reminiscing and want to share some stories. Download a free workbook to get you started, or get yourself a deck of Conversation Cards to help discover new things about your loved ones. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these conversations became a habit and drew you closer to the people you care most about?

The Talk of a Lifetime

This year, make having the Talk of a Lifetime with your loved ones your #1 New Year’s resolution. Sharing your stories with the people who matter most means they will have that information when the time comes to celebrate your life later, and more importantly, it will bring you closer together today. Learn more about Have the Talk of a Lifetime and how to get started today.

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