Memorialization on Social Media


Nearly everyone is online these days, and the innovation of social media has forever changed society and the way people interact. One of those changes has been the practice of memorialization on social media. Among their many other uses, social media outlets are now being used to honor departed loved ones in the wake of a death. Thoughts that were once very private are now shared openly online, including the grief one feels when a loved one passes away. It is important to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your loved ones and to talk about if and how you want to be remembered online.

Social Media After Death

As families Have the Talk of a Lifetime with their loved ones, gauging how their family members and friends wish to be remembered when they pass away, the role of social media in their memorialization can be an important topic of conversation—including what they want to happen to their social media accounts after they die. An interesting phenomenon in this cyber age has been the posthumous use of social media accounts.

Some people, like famed film critic Roger Ebert, have chosen to pass their social media accounts on to another, who continues posting on their behalf and, in a sense, keeps them alive for their followers. Facebook now also offers the option of turning a deceased person’s profile into a memorialization page, where family and friends can still access their posts and photos and continue to post memories about the person. There are even apps that allow individuals to create messages to be posted after they die.

Whether your loved ones want their social media accounts to be shut down altogether, turned into memorial pages, or carried on by someone else, having the Talk of the Lifetime will help you ensure their wishes are known and fulfilled.

Remember Your Loved Ones Through Social Media

Talk with your loved ones about how you want to be remembered online. Explore the different options each social media platform offers. If a friend or family member wants their profiles to be controlled by you or someone else after they pass on, you will need login information and passwords, which are other pieces of information that can be gathered as you Have the Talk of a Lifetime. To learn more about Have the Talk of a Lifetime, contact us today.

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