Discover How to Preserve School Memories

  Whether your little one is starting preschool or getting ready to graduate, every student deserves recognition for their hard work! Preserving school memories can be a wonderful way to honor such an important time of life, while creating keepsakes that can be shared with future generations to come. Learn all about our favorite creative methods, and then start gathering supplies for a fun afternoon project!

Premade Books

There are tons of amazing interactive books on the market that are designed to chart your student’s growth in school. These pre-assembled books are full of pages to fill in, spaces to decorate, and quizzes to complete. Every year, your child can fill out a new set of pages to capture a moment in time. After the book is completed, flip through with your child and note all the different changes. Maybe your junior athlete morphed into a great artist, or maybe your little one discovered a love for science. These compact books are tons of fun to fill out and easy to store.

DIY Scrapbooks

If you’d like to make your own keepsake album, try making your own scrapbook. A 3-ring binder is inexpensive and durable, so it makes the perfect place to store old artwork and projects. Be sure to write the date on every piece, and you can ask your little one for a short description to remember the hard work that went into each project. You can also use your scrapbook to showcase school pictures. By graduation time, you’ll have a full set of images to reflect your child’s incredible growth through the years.

Enlisting Help

While you can preserve school memories on your own, why not get the whole family involved? Your child can write captions for a photo album or decorate the margins, while the grown-ups cut and glue down pages. You can also use this as an opportunity to connect with other generations of your family. Invite the grandparents over to talk about their memories of school. How did they enjoy their first day of school? Who was their favorite teacher? What did they do on summer vacation? Consider checking out the Talk of a Lifetime website to discover more prompts and resources. Be sure to check out the Have the Talk of a Lifetime Conversation Cards, they are a fun way to learn new things about the ones you love! You’ll learn so much more about your family, while discovering how they want to be remembered in the future.