How to Create a Meaningful Conversation With Your Loved Ones


How to Create a Meaningful Conversation With Your Loved Ones

Losing my special needs brother and my mom to breast cancer has made me very aware that time and health are not guaranteed.

It has also created an urgency for me to live to the fullest and a desire to share meaningful experiences with others because those memories are PRICELESS!

This conversation is sponsored by The Funeral and Memorial Information Council (FAMIC.)  All opinions are my own. 

I’ve learned a lot of my people skills from dad and my grandpa, who never met at a stranger.

My dad has also never had a hard time with deep thoughts…the first time that he met my boyfriend/future husband he asked him if he had a personal mission statement.

(I don’t know many 19-year-olds with a personal mission statement, do you?)

It’s probably a combination of his upbringing, his work training in people skills, his faith, and life circumstances facing the death of his teenage special needs son and his wife that have caused him to add more weight to his words.

He’s been faced with those hard questions about end of life wishes way sooner than anyone should, which has made him more open to talking about how he wants to be remembered when he dies and what he wants his legacy to be.

It’s also made me think about life as a fragile gift and reflect on how valuable and precious our time is with each other.


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