Honoring a Loved One at Home

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How will you remember your loved ones when they are no longer with you? By honoring a loved one in a special way within your home, you can pay tribute to those who’ve passed, while making peace with the present. The way in which you honor your loved one at home should be personal, and unique to that individual. Having the Talk of a Lifetime now will allow you to better memorialize a loved one when they die. Browse through these suggestions to bring a little brightness into the home with decorative, sentimental touches.

Plant a Tree

Planting a tree can be a great way to commemorate a life well lived, and there are a wide variety of types to choose. Consider a gorgeous flowering tree for someone who loved nature, or Have the Talk with your family and friends about what kind of tree they think best represents the person you’re honoring. Every year, you can remember your loved one while admiring the colorful blossoms. If your loved one was a baker or chef, a fruit tree may be a wonderful tribute to memories in the kitchen.

Create an Indoor Space

With a little creativity, you can set up a special space indoors that is dedicated to your loved one. Was your loved one an avid reader? Create a little reading nook with books from his or her collection of books. Did they enjoy photography? Mount a portrait and frame their old pictures on the wall. Was fashion their passion? Display memorable garments, like hats and even dresses. Developing this space can also be a great time to involve the little ones in the process, so they can make peace as well. Kids can illustrate their favorite memories, draw portraits, or write out stories to remember family members in a personalized way. Invite your family and friends over and use our Activity Guide (insert link here) for tips on how to share other memories.

Honor Special Memories

Did your loved one have any special hobbies that defined them? You may want to integrate a few of these pieces into your home, like sports memorabilia and artwork, but you also may share these pieces with other collectors. Whether handing a signed baseball to a cousin or selling a painting to an art aficionado, your loved one would want these cherished items to be enjoyed.

The Talk of a Lifetime

Honoring a loved one at home is a beautiful way to keep their memory alive for years to come. Gathering with friends and family to Have the Talk of a Lifetime in your remembrance space is also a great time to talk about the future. Find out their proudest accomplishments, their favorite memories, and other ways that they would like to be remembered. Visit the Have the Talk of a Lifetime website to see how you can get started.

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