How To Help Someone Who is Grieving


When your loved ones are dealing with the mourning process, it’s important to show your support. But, many struggle to know how to help someone who is grieving. While your heart may be full of love and sympathy, it may be difficult to articulate exactly what you are feeling during these difficult times. It’s good to explore ways to provide the support and comfort that your loved one may need. Learn what sentiments are worth expressing, and learn what phrases are best to avoid.

Supportive Communication

The grieving process is a long and stressful process, but it is one that must be experienced to properly cope with loss. Having the Talk of a Lifetime now will help make the grieving process less stressful when the time comes. But if you haven’t had the Talk, know that the best thing that you can do now is support your friend or family member emotionally during this time and focus on feelings. While many feel compelled to “fix” the situation, know that there is nothing that you can do to truly resolve the feeling of loss. No amount of rationalization, explanation, judgement, or minimization will make these emotions go away. Recognize the importance of the moment, and focus on really listening to your loved one. They will open up and grieve at their own pace.

Nonproductive Communication

As previously mentioned, there is a common desire to “fix” the situation. Friends and family members feel the urge to find a definitive solution to reduce the pain, but this is not an effective strategy. Try to listen and support your loved one, rather than instruct them. Here are some phrases that you may want to avoid:

  • They are in a better place now.

  • There is a reason for everything.

  • You should be strong.

  • At least they lived a long life.

  • I know exactly how you feel.

Talk of a Lifetime

While it may be difficult to know how to help someone who is grieving, your loved one will undoubtedly appreciate your kindness during these times. Having the Talk of a Lifetime with your loved ones can make the grieving process a little easier. The Talk of a Lifetime is one way to encourage the sharing of important memories. Consider setting up time with your dearest friends and family to Have the Talk of a Lifetime soon, so you can honor them the way that they want to be remembered.

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