Effective Ways to Keep Memories Alive

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Fading memories can be an all too common outcome when a loved one passes away:

  • “I can’t remember what Mom’s voice sounded like.”
  • “Do you remember what color Dad’s eyes were?”
  • “What was that great recipe Grandma used to make?”

You can Have the Talk of a Lifetime with treasured friends and family members today to preserve these memories with clarity so you will have fewer regrets when they are no longer around.

As you get reacquainted or better acquainted with those you love most, the following ideas can help you keep treasured memories alive.

3 Great Ways to Keep Memories Alive

As you and your loved ones talk about the things that matter most in life, these ideas can help you preserve important memories. Someday, as these friends and family members are memorialized and the lives they led are remembered, you’ll be glad you preserved so many cherished details by having the “Talk of a Lifetime”.

  • For the Record: Take time to sit down with your loved ones and make audio and/or video recordings. Get them talking about stories they remember from childhood, their favorite foods, activities or songs, funny and embarrassing moments—all those little details that add up to who they are and should be remember when they are gone.
  • Online Family Scrapbook: Go through family photos with your loved ones and take time to organize and scan them into a computer. You’re certain to find snapshots you’d forgotten about and even some you’ve never seen before. Ask your loved ones to write down (or preserve on a voice recorder) some of the stories that go along with these pictures. Use an online blog site (there are plenty of great ones on the Web that don’t cost anything) to post the photos and stories. Share the Web link with your family members near and far so they can access this virtual scrapbook, and encourage them to post their own photos and stories to add to the collection.
  • Remember When? Nothing rekindles memories and strengthens family ties like a trip down memory lane. At your next family gathering, have your relatives sit down together for a game of “Remember When?” Write each person’s name on a slip of a paper and put the names in a bowl or other container. Draw out the names one at a time and have each person in the group, in turn, share a “remember when?” memory:

    • “Remember when we snuck out of the house to go to that rock concert?”
    • “Remember when Uncle Joe crashed his car into the front yard?”
    • “Remember when we put that fake spider in Grandpa’s bed?”

Get ready for warm remembrances and lots of laughter! The younger generation of family members will also get a glimpse into the past and get to know their relatives in a whole new way.

Preserve Your Memories…and Take Time to Make New Ones

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