Creating Meaningful Gifts For the People You Love

  There’s nothing like giving or receiving a truly special gift. While gift cards may be nice sometimes, they just can’t compare to something that’s been designed especially for someone. A meaningful keepsake can be almost anything – something to wear or display, or maybe just something to keep in a special place. And, a unique gift is exactly the kind of conversation piece that can help you Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Consider one of these creative ideas: Annual Letters Every year at the same time, write a letter to your child and include some money in the envelope. Stow them all away until he or she turns 18, and then give them as a gift. What a fun surprise to read these notes from the past! You could even do them for other family members. Unique Quilts You can create a quilt out of all sorts of memorabilia – baby clothes, athletic jerseys, t-shirts – whatever you want. The end result is a creative way to show off cherished memories. Websites like Project Repat, Campus Quilt, and others can make the process a snap. Photo Collages Grab up some old photos and cut out the best parts for a framed collage. The larger the better! Or maybe you have some polaroid pictures that you can arrange in a heart shape on a white background to frame. Be as creative as you’d like! Shadow Boxes Collect ticket stubs or other papers to display inside a shadow box, a beautiful way to hang onto them in an organized fashion. You could write a letter on the backing for an extra sentimental touch. Personalized Jewelry Thanks to the power of the internet, you can easily find lockets and other personalized pieces that are perfect for moms, grandmothers, and sisters. Whether it’s with pictures, poetry, or names, jewelry will always be worn proudly. Remember When? Box Think about writing down some of your favorite memories on beautiful scrolled paper and placing them inside a box titled, Remember When? This gift will keep on giving, because you can keep adding memories down the road.

Don’t Wait to Make a Meaningful Gift

The sooner you make a loved one a creative, meaningful gift, the more time there is to enjoy it. These kinds of gifts spark memories, and memories make it easy to start the Talk of a Lifetime. To find out more about Have the Talk of a Lifetime, Contact Us today.

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