Growing Closer as the Year Grows Old: Creating Fall Memories as a Family

Fall leaves turning As autumn approaches, families near and far begin planning seasonal festivities. Fall outings and holiday occasions are not only events greatly looked forward to, but they are ideal opportunities to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your loved ones. This year, as you and yours are busily creating fall memories, take the time to deepen your bond with treasured family members, show them you care, and reassure them that they’ll be remembered with love when they are gone.

Deepening Family Bonds

The Talk of a Lifetime can happen in many ways. Here are some fun ideas that will afford opportunities for families to make happy fall memories together, get to know each other better, and grow closer.
  • Family Round Table: Honor a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or other relative by having a Q&A session in which they are the principle focus of the evening. Have each family member write out questions for the person—things they don’t know about the individual or have wondered about (download our free workbook for question ideas). Place the questions in a bowl and draw them out one at a time, giving the star guest an opportunity to address each one. Have a recording device ready so their answers can be preserved. Prepare some scrumptious fall refreshments beforehand so everyone can eat, listen, and share together.
  • Outdoor Family Activities: Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as the leaves are changing. Coordinate a family flag football game or a family hike. A little friendly competition playing football or any other sport of your choice will surely create lasting memories. If hiking is more your style, try exploring a forest preserve or nature trail in your area that you haven’t visited before to take in the stunning fall colors. You can share these stories with loved ones after while warming up inside, sipping a cup of hot cider by the fire.
  • Family Portrait: It’s easy to let years slip by in which a family photo has not been taken. Don’t look back with regret that you didn’t take more photos with particular loved ones before they passed on. This year, make your family portrait session a merry occasion. Gather your loved ones for a harvest celebration and schedule time for a family portrait in the midst of it. Have photos taken in a fun fall setting, such as a backyard that is colorful with autumn leaves.
  • Halloween Crafts: As you get ready to decorate for Halloween, make it an occasion. Create your own decorations as a family—hanging ghosts, paper chains in fall colors, a spooky wreath for the front door, etc. Find easy craft ideas online for your little ones and more challenging projects for teens and adult family members.

Make the Most of Your Time Together

Sharing experiences and talking with your loved ones is a great way to learn what matters most to them so you can better celebrate their life when the time comes. For more information about Have the Talk of a Lifetime, contact us today.

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