Creating a Memory Book

Memory Book Sharing stories with those who matter most isn’t just important today; it will be especially significant when it’s time to commemorate a life. Have the Talk of a Lifetime encourages families to have conversations about life and what matters most. These discussions can help families make important decisions about how they wish to remember and honor the lives of their loved ones. Creating a memory book is a great way to share stories about meaningful pictures and tokens. It makes for a wonderful family activity with all of your loved ones, and it’s an easy way to start the Talk of a Lifetime.

Memory Book Steps

We have all made a difference in the lives of our family and friends. Photos and keepsakes remind us of unforgettable and heartfelt moments, which is why creating a memory book is a wonderful way to share your memories. Here are some steps to take when creating your memory book:

Choose a theme

Your book can flow smoothly if you create a themed structure. Some families decide to opt for a storyteller perspective, making the book from a certain person’s point of view. Start by sharing stories for the photos and keepsakes you want to include, journaling their shared stories as you go. You can even make separate books to commemorate holidays, family weddings or other special occasions.

Collect Supplies

As you gather the images and tokens that fit your theme, it’s important to have supplies. We recommend having a sturdy photo album book because it’s a keepsake you’ll want to make last and pass down to other generations. Make sure the paper you choose for the memory book is buffered, acid-free, and lignin-free to protect the images. There is plenty of paper made specifically for photo albums that can be found at most craft stores. You can also find special acid-free colored pens to mark the dates and names for each photo. As you choose the photos, be sure to talk about and record in writing, the emotions that you remember so your loved ones can relive your memories, and know what was important to you.


Sorting your pictures by dates and events will help ensure that images go in chronological order. The more concisely you organize and sort, the easier it will be to focus on the memories and create a flowing story.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Creating memory books is a rich and meaningful way to gather the family. It’s a great way to help you Have the Talk of a Lifetime. You can talk about everything. As you put your book together you can share the big events and small victories. You can also use this time to Have the Talk about how you want to be remembered. It can make the difference of a lifetime. Talk to your loved ones during a memory book day to help everyone prepare for the future and make the most out of upcoming family events. Contact us for more information about Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

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