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Michael Mims

Journal entry January 7, 2014:   Here I am sitting in the funeral home parking lot. I’m still reflecting on my loss through the eyes of grief. With little awareness the holidays have come and gone. In my hands is the “Georgia Death Certificate” which gives the date and hour of dad’s “pronounced” death. How well I remember Friday 9:49am December 20, 2014.   Now I have two certificates for dad, one of “Birth” and one of “Death”. Both represent a moment in time. Book ends of life. But where is dad’s Certificate of Life? The 80 years of moments in time he lived.   I have known him for less than 60 years. Others have known him longer and others shorter. But what did he feel and do in those moments of his life? Who influenced him as a young boy growing up in Alabama? What path did he choose that led him to my mother and start a family? When did he realize his potential in life and how he would live his life?   Questions I felt not important until now.   This journal entry is an expression of some unanswered questions I wish I could have had with my dad. I do have many memories, stories, and pictures that capture many of his moments in life. But I would love to have just one more day with dad sitting on the edge of the water to hear his life story again and again.   Have the Talk of a Lifetime gives everyone an opportunity to hear those important moments in time. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have the Talk today.  

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  1. avatar Sandy Thompson

    I have just had a chat like this with a very dear friend who I lovingly call second Mom. She is 97 yrs old and in the nursing home. We talked about her life starting at birth. I came into her life about 20 yrs ago. We have shared several good times and some not so good but I’m glad we had this chat to bring us even closer. My own Mom died 5 yrs ago but I started helping my friend at a time she needed help

    • avatar launchadmin

      We’re so glad you had the Talk with your friend. We’re sure she really enjoys sharing her memories with you. Thank you for sharing your story with us.


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