Celebrate Grandparent’s Day by Having the Talk of a Lifetime

  While you can celebrate your family every day, Grandparent’s Day provides a special opportunity to spend extra time with those you hold dear. This festive holiday falls on the Sunday after Labor Day, which gives you plenty of time to plan! Whether you go out for brunch or stay in and chat, you’ll make wonderful memories that you can cherish forever. This is a great opportunity to use the Have the Talk of a Lifetime materials to learn a little bit more about your grandparents on this special day. Getting the Word Out Not everyone has Grandparent’s Day penciled into their schedule, so get the word out to inspire your friends and family to participate! Sure, you can send a quick email or text to your contacts, but why not take to social media? Use the hashtag #DoSomethingGrand to connect with others around the world! Plan an Activity Together Grandparent’s Day is a special occasion, use the day to plan something fun! Brainstorm your grandparent’s favorite activities. Maybe Grandpa would love watching a ball game in the stands, or maybe your Grandma would love some help in the garden. If you can’t think of any shared hobbies, consider volunteering for a cause that matters to your family. From animal shelters to food banks, these organizations always appreciate an extra set of hands! Stay in and Chat Of course, you could always celebrate from home! Why not celebrate Grandparent’s Day by having the Talk of a Lifetime? Download and print a free Activity Guide and fill out as much as you can! Take this time to have an in-depth conversation with your grandparents about their personal history. Bring out the old photo album and flip through every page, or ask a few questions about a family heirloom. As you learn more about your grandparents, you’ll get a better idea of how they want to be remembered. Consider starting with a few of these prompts to get the ball rolling: • What is your most treasured achievement in life? • What was the best advice you’ve ever gotten from a family member? • What is your favorite thing to do when you have free time?