The Benefits of Family Meals

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It was a familiar scene in the days of black-and-white television: a family—the father with his newspaper, mother in her apron, and children who have just come in from play—gathers around their dining room table for an evening meal together. Baby boomers may remember these times fondly, sharing stories with their kids and grandkids that start with, “When I was a kid…,” followed by memories large and small that shaped their lives.

Today, that scene may seem like fiction and nothing more. In our hectic world of electronic devices and 60-hour work weeks, family meals have become few and far between. Today’s families, in fact, may find themselves only eating meals together on holiday occasions like Thanksgiving and Christmas. But the benefits of family meals and sharing important family stories cannot be denied.

Benefits of Eating Together

Research conducted about the effects of regularly having family meals has concluded that families who eat together also reap various benefits, including:

  • Improved academic performance for children

  • Reduced risk of substance abuse

  • Enhanced self-esteem in children

  • Reduced risk of obesity

  • Reduced risk of teen pregnancy

  • Lowered risk of depression

  • Reduced risk of developing eating disorders

  • Lowered risk of obesity

Ideal Setting for The Talk of a Lifetime

Among the many benefits of having family mealtime, parents will find it is also the ideal setting for family communication. This important—and largely forgotten—tradition is not only a key to the health of a family, but is also the perfect setting in which to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. In our hectic world, family history may be far from our thoughts as we work to make it through each day and then get enough sleep to face the next day. But, eventually, it’s important to have these conversations.

During your family meals, make the conversation count. Talk about cherished memories, and let family members express how they wish to be remembered when their lives come to an end. Invite relatives over for family mealtime on occasion, and talk to grandparents, aunts, and uncles about their lives, their treasured memories, the things that have been most important to them.

Prepare for the Most Important Family Conversations

Don’t let cherished opportunities pass you by. Family meals provide many benefits, and are the perfect setting to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Contact us today to learn more about how you and your loved ones can Have the Talk of a Lifetime.

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