Why Do We Establish Memorials?


People around the world have created memorials to honor those who have departed. While there has been a noticeable evolution of memorials over time, this ritual has persisted for centuries. So, why do we establish memorials in the present day? Some create memorials to grieve their own loss, others create memorials to honor the life of the deceased. No matter the reason, establishing these tributes can be an immensely healing process.

Importance of Memorials

While it’s true that memorials represent a life lost, they also represent the importance of that individual to the living. Memorials highlight the bonds that that tied this person to society, and cement that person’s place in history. Think of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. or Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota. Though these memorials were created generations ago, they remain relevant even to the present day. Memorials can help share a legacy, however big or small, for decades to come.

Choosing a Memorial

Just as every life is different, every memorial is a little bit different as well. Consider the personality of the person that you want to remember. Did they have a favorite hobby, like fishing or gardening? Did they give to a particular charity or cause? As you go through your favorite memories, consider reaching out to friends and family for extra ideas. You may be surprised by what inspiration you find when you combine minds.

And while you’re investigating the legacy of your loved one, you might want to take the time to think about your own. What motivates you in life? What lessons do you hope to pass onto the next generation? Consider having the Talk of a Lifetime with those close to you, so you can express how you want to be remembered in the future.

Types of Memorials

Memorials come in many forms. Ancient civilizations created grand monuments for the deceased, while modern memorials may be smaller, or even completely virtual. Here are just a few examples of modern memorials:

●Planting a tree or creating a small memorial garden is a wonderful way to honor a nature lover.

●Online memorials can be shared with friends and family all over the world. Add images, videos, and words of remembrance with just a click.

●Public spaces, like universities and parks, often offer tributes for those departed. Speak with the organizers about purchasing an engraved bench, brick, or plaque to celebrate your loved one.

●Visit the Monument Builders of North America website for inspiring ideas for beautiful monuments to memorialize your loved ones.

Have the Talk of a Lifetime Today

How do you want your life to be honored? Have the Talk of a Lifetime today and let your family know how you want to be remembered. Visit the resources page and download free materials such as the Activity Guide and Workbook which will help you begin your conversations!

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