What are the Best Cremation Options for Celebrating a Life?

While burials were once the more common option, cremation services continue to grow in popularity in the United States. According to the National Funeral Directors Association, 50.2% of Americans chose cremation in 2016. Cremation services can be every bit as personal and meaningful as traditional funeral services, and there are plenty of cremation options for celebrating a life well-lived. The best time to start thinking about this is now, by Having the Talk of a Lifetime to share what matters most to you and your loved ones. Learn all about the ways that you can create a beautiful cremation service that truly reflects the spirit of your loved one.

Cremation Options

You may be surprised to learn that cremation services are incredibly adaptable to suit any wishes. A simple cremation is the most basic option. The funeral home takes care of the cremation process, and the remains are given to the family. This allows the family to carry out their own memorial privately, however, many funeral professionals offer additional options like remembrance services and funeral services as a more traditional approach, so friends and family may gather and pay respects in person. You can even opt for a service with a viewing or visitation before the cremation. Speak with your funeral professional to determine what would best suit your needs.


After the cremation has taken place, the remains can be placed in an urn. Urns come in a wide variety of designs, including different materials and patterns. You can choose an ornate urn in your loved one’s favorite color, or pick out several smaller containers to share among family members. Additionally, creative options like keepsake jewelry can be a beautiful way to remember your loved one. Pendants, lockets, and bracelets provide a unique way to keep cherished memories close.


Many choose to display urns or bury remains in a cemetery, but if a traditional service doesn’t feel quite right, try a modern memorial with an unconventional twist. These unique options can uplift the spirits while saying final goodbyes.
  • A butterfly release is a beautiful way to celebrate in the beauty of the outdoors.
  • A tree planting provides a wonderful opportunity to cultivate new life, while honoring your love loved one.
  • Different companies offer different scattering services by sea, air, and even fireworks!


Whether you choose a personal remembrance service at a funeral home or a personal, more modern memorial somewhere else, you can create a wonderful celebration of your loved one. Consider taking some time to Have the Talk with friends and family about your favorite memories. Did your loved one have a favorite song or a favorite food? Create a list of all the qualities you loved, and then think of ways to introduce these qualities into the service. Create a custom playlist to celebrate a music aficionado, or host a potluck to memorialize your favorite foodie. This can also be a great time to Have the Talk of a Lifetime with your friends and family.

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