Genealogy Talks: Sharing Family History at a Family Reunion

  Genealogy is an exciting hobby that can lead to plenty of new discoveries. Whether you’ve just created a family history book or uncovered a new historical tidbit, there’s no better way to showcase your knowledge than at a reunion. But, just how should you go about sharing family history at a family reunion? In this guide, we discuss our best tips and tricks to deliver a wonderful presentation that your family will remember for ages.

Create Visual Aids

One of the most popular genealogy tools is the family tree. Consider getting a large printout of your family tree, so everyone can easily see your hard work. You can make the chart as simple or elaborate as you’d like, but adding pictures and decorations can be a great way to get people talking! The family tree in the Have the Talk of a Lifetime Activity Guide is a great place to start!

Utilize Multimedia

If a picture tells a thousand words, how many words does a video tell? Digital video and audio recordings can add a new layer to your storytelling experience. Interview your family members to get a deeper understanding of each family era. Play your grandpa’s favorite songs from high school, or play video from your mom’s first piano recital. While you’re gathering data, this can be a great time to ask extra questions about your family history. Have the Talk of a Lifetime, it can help develop a whole new understanding of your loved ones, including their hopes and aspirations. You can find more resources on the Talk of a Lifetime website.

Encourage Interaction

While sharing family history at a family reunion is a great chance to showcase your research, why not involve your loved ones as well? Ask family members to bring in special photos or mementos with a story. You’ll have a blast going through each contribution while learning something new about your family tree!