Reflecting on 9/11

It was a crisp, beautiful, sunny, fall day September 11, 2001. The hustle and bustle of Wall Street was in its usual state of high energy. Mothers were getting their children to day care centers, and fathers were drinking their daily cups of coffee on their commutes into the city. The day was just like any other normal work day in the Twin Towers until it happened. Until our entire world was rocked. The devastation of 9-11 was far reaching and all encompassing. Many people had loved ones in the buildings when the planes hit. Many people had no idea where their loved ones were that morning. Our world was forever changed. We heard story after story of people in the towers or on the planes desperately trying to reach their loved ones for what many of them knew would be their last conversation with them. I shudder to think of what those people were going through. After the devastation, there was a heroic attempt to locate as many individuals as possible. There were many left unfound. I often think about these events. I think about those whose loved ones were never found. I imagine they would give just about anything to have a final goodbye with their family member. To say the things they wished they would have said when they had the chance so they could be memorialized in the most meaningful way possible. In our fast paced world, where we are all so busy, we forget to converse like we should. Talking with loved ones about what is most important in their lives is a wonderful way to stay connected. For some it will be joyful, for some it may be painful, but it’s always important. Have the “Talk of a Lifetime” with your loved ones. You never know how a day may change a life forever.

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