Discover How to Create a Family History Book

  Your family history is like no one else’s, so why not record it for later generations? Genealogy books have been created for decades by those who want to keep their family memories alive. These dense volumes are packed with data: birth dates, obituaries, marriage certificates, and more. But, there are tons of ways to add your own flair to showcase your family’s true personality. In this blog, we take your through the process step by step. Learn how to create a family history book, and then get started today! Planning the Book When composing your family history book, you’ll deal with tons of facts and figures. Therefore, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Consider checking out a few books from the library or look into genealogy software to make the process a little faster. Then, think about how you’d like your book to look. Standard paper sizes are easier to work with and cheaper as well, but you can customize your book however you’d like. Consider playing around with fonts and colors for a personal touch. Recording Text It’s important to keep names and dates straight, but your personal history book is much more than a simple timeline of events. Go further with your content by conducting interviews with your relatives. Maybe you know your grandfather grew up on a farm, but what were his favorite hobbies? What was his proudest achievement? As you speak with your loved ones, Have the Talk of a Lifetime to take a deeper look at their lives. Utilizing Data In some case, you may find charts and photographs can convey what simple text cannot. Why not add a family tree to show the connections between each relative? What about adding a few pictures of your parents’ wedding? As you go through this process, don’t forget to keep a rough draft of your index. Keep track of which relatives are mentioned on what pages, so you can easily find information later. Finishing the Book Once you are finished, it’s time to admire your hard work! Print and proofread your text for accuracy, and once everything is perfect, print out a final copy to share. This makes a perfect gift for family reunions, holidays, anniversaries, and more.