Creative and Functional Ways to Honor a Loved One

  After a loved one passes, it’s important to find ways to keep their spirit alive. But, not just any homage will do. If you want to learn creative and functional ways to honor a loved one, then read on for our recommendations. From thoughtful keepsakes to inventive projects, there are many thoughtful ways to honor your friends and family for generations. Having the Talk of a Lifetime now will help you creatively honor a loved one when they pass away.

Display Unique Mementos

Framed photographs are wonderful keepsakes of those you love, but there are many other mementos that can remind you of those passed. Handwritten letters and postcards are beautiful pieces to display. Try framing your favorite letters from friends or engrave your parent’s signature on a charm. You can also think creatively when displaying keepsakes. Did your Grandmother love to bake? Frame a piece of her apron as textile art. Was your Dad a master angler? Display a few lures under a framed portrait. These displays can really highlight the personality of your loved one in a unique way.

Repurpose Objects

If you inherit a collection of unwanted items, consider thinking outside the box to find a great use for them. Let’s say your Grandfather left you a box of pocket squares. Why not sew them into a tapestry for the living room or create a colorful quilt to brighten the bedroom? Not only can you reuse textiles, but ceramics as well. A few pieces of the family china can be reinvented into wall decor, delicate planters, or even cake stands. If the dinnerware is beyond repair, consider breaking the china into pieces to make artwork. The whole family can have fun creating mosaic pathway stones on a sunny weekend.

Utilize Technology

Technology has allowed brand new ways to commemorate your loved ones. Even after they have passed, you can integrate friends and family into your present memories. If you’re tech-savvy, try editing clips from family weddings throughout the generations. These multimedia projects can be wonderful presentations during family reunions and other special get-togethers. You can even use these tools as a jumping off point to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. These conversations can help you connect to your loved ones, while learning how they would like to be remembered in the future.