Celebrate Sister’s Day in August

  If you have a sister in your family, then start preparing for summer festivities in August! Sister’s Day is the official day to celebrate your sibling, and it’s the perfect occasion to catch up. This celebratory day falls every year on the first Sunday in August, so make a note in your schedule to keep that weekend free! Not only is this a great time to spend time with your family, but it can be the ideal time to really dive into important conversations with your sister. Find out a little more about this holiday below, and you’ll have plenty to talk about this on this special day. Planning Activities in Person Sister’s Day only rolls around once per year, so why not plan something special for your sis? If your family is in the same town, a casual get-together can be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. You can plan something as simple as coffee or as elaborate as a spa day for two. No matter what’s on the itinerary, you’ll love creating new memories that you can treasure forever. Sending Your Love from Afar What if you live far away from your sister? Sister’s Day can be a great time to reach out. Modern technology makes it easier than ever to reconnect with those that you love. Send a quick email or text to show how much you care, or use the hashtag #NationalSistersDay to tag your sis on social media. You can also try sending a greeting card in the mail or an e-card with just a click! You could even Have the Talk of a Lifetime over video chat! Showing Your Support Above all, Sister’s Day is a day to celebrate your deep bond with your sibling. This is a great time to let your sister know that you are there for her, through good times and bad. We recommend taking some time to have a long conversation about issues that matter the most. Ask your sister about her hopes and dreams, her greatest achievements, her proudest moments. Ask her how she’d like to be remembered by future generations, and what kind of impact she’d like to make on the world. Sister’s Day is the perfect time to Have the Talk of a Lifetime. Browse our site for additional questions, including a free workbook if you need help getting started. You’ll strengthen your bond with your family, while learning valuable information for the future.