Celebrate “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” Month

While it’s always a great time to chat with your friends and family, November marks a special occasion. As you gather with loved ones this Fall, take time to celebrate “Have the Talk of a Lifetime” month with special activities and events designed to bring you and yours closer. Just what is this monthly celebration all about? Find out more with our guide, and start planning!

What is the Talk of a Lifetime?

The Talk of a Lifetime is one of the most important conversations that you can have. These discussions allow you and your loved ones to express what your life has meant and how you’d want to be remembered. While this may sound overwhelming at first glance, the Talk of a Lifetime can be a deeply uplifting and transformative experience that brings people together. Ask your grandparents about their favorite childhood memories or their wedding day. Ask your best friend about the greatest lessons they’ve learned in life. You’re bound to gain a deeper understanding of your loved ones, while learning how they would like to be memorialized in the future.

How do I Have the Talk of a Lifetime?

There are no strict guidelines or precise rules when it comes to the having Talk of a Lifetime. The important thing is that everyone is comfortable. Maybe you’d like to start a conversation while looking through an old photo album, or perhaps you’d like to take a day trip to a special location to reminisce on past vacations with the family. Once you are situated, ask a few questions. Here are a few examples to get you started:
  •  What was your biggest obstacle and your proudest achievement?
  •  What was the best advice that you ever received?
  •  What was your favorite vacation and why was it so special?
  •  Who is your biggest inspiration?
  • If you need more help, consider visiting the Have the Talk of a Lifetime site for free resources like activity guides and downloadable workbooks, or you can purchase a deck of Conversation Cards to help get things started.

What events can I attend?

November is full of special events to commemorate Have the Talk of a Lifetime Month. Feel free to search for activities on our event website. You and your loved ones will have a blast while attending events such as the following:
  •  Genealogy 101
  •  Scrapbooking Lessons
  •  Remembrance Services
  •  Family Tree Construction
  •  Fall Festivities
  •  And much more!

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