Celebrate Best Friends Day by Having the Talk of a Lifetime

  Best Friends Day only rolls around once a year, so celebrate in style with the ones you love! This year on June 8, take the time to reconnect with your best friends. Not only is the perfect day to chat about the past and present, but it can also be the ideal setting to discuss your future by having the Talk of a Lifetime.

Reaching Out

No matter how close you are to your best friends, it can be difficult to make time in a busy schedule. Luckily, modern technology presents us with more options than ever before. You could always call your friends on the phone for a life update, but video chat services add a visual component to the traditional phone call. Show off your new home renovations or your latest haircut, even if your best friend is miles and miles away. Of course, you can reach out in more traditional ways as well. Send your best friend a greeting card or present in the mail on June 8 to commemorate your friendship on this fun holiday, or send a virtual e-card in mere minutes. These thoughtful reminders are great ways to show your appreciation, even when you can’t meet in person.

Celebrating Life

Once you’ve made plans for your coffee date or phone call, there’s no doubt that you two will have a lot to discuss. From career updates to family news, best friends can talk all day about their lives. But this June, why not go a little deeper? The Talk of a Lifetime is a way to reflect on your own life, while finding out more about your best friend as well. How do you have the Talk of a Lifetime? Get comfortable! Set up a cozy spot in the living room, walk along a quiet trail, or find a relaxing place where you can talk freely. Ask each other questions about life. What is your best friend’s proudest achievement? Who was their favorite mentor? What was the most valuable advice they ever received? These open-ended questions are great ways to encourage introspection. For more inspiration, consider bringing along resources. Download a free workbook or consider Talk of a Lifetime conversation cards to keep the conversation flowing!